Technical Matters

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About our Bisque

All our bisque is poured with an Italian Clay body made by Colorobbia and fired to maturity at 1030 degrees, cone 05.

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Glazing and Glazes

We recommend and sell HC0004 Hobby Colorobbia Glaze, which is lead free, quick drying and fires to a fabulous finish.

Our bisque does not achieve a good result with Dazzle Dip or Duncan Pure Brilliance and we recommend that you don't use these glazes with our bisque.

Our bisque fires well with Colorobbia glazed at cone 06, and better at cone 07 (saving you in firing costs)

Some Mayco elements glazes or jungle gems don't work well, as there is poor chemistry with the body, so please test any speciality glazes on a small piece prior to any large projects or workshop pieces.

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Do You Need Help?

We have broad experience of dipping, glaze and bisque firing and resolving firing problems. If you need help with your glazing, kiln, or any other technical matters, we are here to help. Do give us a call on 0115 972 6602

It is our customers' responsibility to ensure that their glazes and firing temperature are suitable for the clay body. If you are in any doubt please speak to our technical team for advice, and we recommend test firing a piece with any new glaze that is not supplied by ourselves.

If you are new to the industry or need some more in depth advice you might want to attend one of our courses. We run courses on everything from Sales and Marketing to Glazing and kiln firing. So if you want to improve your business performance or perfect your brush strokes look in our latest news section for course dates