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Who are Studio Bisque?

Hello, thanks for landing on our lovely little website.

I'm Di, and I own Studio Bisque.
I've been in the ceramics business for about 20 years now, after falling into it completely by accident! I started my journey in a " Paint Your Own Pottery" business, and things kind of snowballed from there.

We are a small friendly business and we now produce over 650 product lines in our factory in Long Eaton, with more coming along every month.

With the help of a fantastic team, we make and sell our bisque and other supplies to Ceramic Cafes, Designer makers, and Pottery Painting businesses all over the UK.

You do have to be a business to buy from us, otherwise we would be competing with our customers and that doesn't seem fair at all!

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What can we do for you?

If you run a Ceramics business we'd love to help - we can supply you with earthenware bisque, great advice and lots of support. Just give us a call on 0115 972 6602 to see how we can help.

If you're a Paint Your Own Pottery Business, then we know what you'll need, and if you're just starting up, we can help in many ways, we'd love you to come and see us - shall we put the kettle on?

If you are a designer maker and need earthenware, we can help with that too, we make bespoke exclusive pieces for a number of fabulous businesses.

So can we help you? I do hope so. Take a look at our catalogue pages, to see what we stock, or come to visit us and browse round our stock room - yes you CAN pick your own order.

We promise you a warm welcome, usually a cuppa, and sometimes a sneaky biscuit!

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How Do We Work?

To make life easy we sell everything individually - yes you can have just 1 of something, and we have no minimum order, so you can try us out with a tiny order if you like.
You get our best Trade Price as soon as you're registered as a TRADE customer, simple!

We make our own ware on-site, we don't import from the other side of the world, so you can see the pieces being made in the factory if you like.

Oh and Cole the factory dog would like a pat or a treat please!

Our Privacy Policy can be found on the Trade Account Registration Page

We try to offer a well supported, friendly and helpful service, so if you have any queries, about our products or any other related matter - our product or not - (firing, dipping) or if you need some advice do give us a call, we aim to help wherever we can.

Happy browsing though our catalogue, we hope to hear from you soon.